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Unleash the Power of Social SEO

The online space is extremely crowded.  There’s a TON of information, hundreds of thousands of brands, and new competition showing up every day! That’s why it’s SO important that your SEO game is on point.  When someone looks up “best law firm in SoCal” or “med spas near me”, you want to be sure your brand makes the results list and stands out in the crowd.

To make that happen, SEO (search engine optimization) MUST be a major part of your digital marketing toolkit

Expand and Grow Your Community with YouTube’s Newest Feature

Expand and Grow Your Community with YouTube's Newest Feature

Handles have come to YouTube! 

This is exciting news for creators in the video-sharing platform. YouTube recently announced this new feature in their channel and it was met with tons of excitement from users! And we can’t blame them! We’re pretty excited about it too. After all, a handle for YouTube is a pretty dang cool idea!

Now for those of you saying, “Wait a minute—what are handles?”, let’s backtrack a little bit.

In the world of social media platforms, handles are how your profile is identified. It’s your unique ‘online identity’. They can also be referred to as your ‘username’. You can typically find it just below your company name when viewing your profile. Just look for the ‘@ sign.

Take a look at the examples below.  You’ll see that our social media handle is @AmpUpMyBiz.

Amp Up My Biz’s Facebook Bio

Amp Up My Biz’s Twitter Bio

Amp Up My Biz’s Pinterest Bio

And we can’t wait to add that handle to our YouTube channel!

What will handles be used for on YouTube?

According to YouTube, “Your Handle will show across a few surfaces within YouTube – including your channel homepage, search results, the Shorts feed, within comments and community posts, and more.”

This will provide another layer of distinct branding for your biz across the platform by allowing you to:

  • Get noticed in Shorts
  • Identify yourself in a unique way
  • Be tagged by others in videos
  • Be easily found by your ICA on YouTube
  • Connect with others in the YouTube Community

A custom handle will also make it more difficult for spam accounts and copycats to imitate you or your brand. By claiming your branded handle no one else will be able to use it.

When can I change my YouTube Handle?

This new feature is already being rolled out! When it’s your turn to claim your handle, YouTube will notify you via YouTube Studio. They will also send you an email letting you know it’s time to snag your custom YouTube handle. 

Now If you already have a custom URL for your channel, you can sit back and relax. YouTube will automatically reserve your custom URL as your custom handle. THANKS YOUTUBE!

If you don’t have a custom URL, then you want to make sure you take action before November 14th. That’s when YouTube will automatically assign a handle to your account. You don’t want to waste this awesome branding opportunity by ending up with a random handle like ‘@YTuser123’ so be sure you’re checking for that notification! When it arrives, follow the instructions and choose a custom handle that matches the handle for your other social media platforms. This creates a cohesive and consistent online branding for your biz. 

As an added bonus for new accounts, once you choose a custom handle it becomes your personalized YouTube URL. (Even if you don’t have 100 subscribers yet!  WOOT!)

Can I make my handle whatever I want?

When it comes to deciding what your handle will be, YouTube has established a few guidelines regarding your choices. We recommend you keep these these five things in mind when claiming your YouTube handle:

  1. Select between 3-30 characters.
  2. Use alphanumeric characters and numbers: (A–Z, a–z, 0–9)
  3. Only 3 special characters will be accepted: underscores (_), hyphens (-), & periods (.)
  4. You can not use a handle that has already been claimed.
  5. Your handle must comply with YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be well prepared when your chance to claim your YouTube handle arrives! 

And while you’re there, be sure to subscribe to Amp Up My Biz’s YouTube channel for more online marketing tips and tricks.  We’ll see you there!

What Happened to IGTV?

What Happened To IGTV?

FLASHBACK! The year is 2013. The Instagram app lives on your phone, and you’re posting pics once every few days (mostly of what you’re eating for dinner) when all of the sudden—BAM! A tiny video icon appears! You didn’t know it was coming, and you never dreamed it would change social media the way it did.

attract loyal clients with relationship marketing

Unlock Client Loyalty with Relationship Marketing

attract loyal clients with relationship marketing

Unlock Client Loyalty with Relationship Marketing

“Business is booming!” 

If you find yourself having this thought about your biz—Congratulations! 

But make no mistake, the real question is “For how long?” As entrepreneurs, we MUST always be thinking, “What’s next?”  In business, like life, you’re either “growing” or “dying” there’s really no standing still.

You know you have incredible products and services and that’s great, but it’s only part of the equation.  To make sure business is always booming, you have to keep your clients and customers at the forefront of your thoughts.  They are the people who can make or break your brand’s continued success.

Even the most loyal of clients will soon tire of your marketing efforts if it’s always about you.  Simply asking them to BUY-BUY-BUY is not an effective strategy for creating long-term clients. It HAS to be a two-way conversation. One that includes your company giving back to the client without any expectations. 

This is what’s referred to as relationship marketing and even though it may sound daunting, you can make it easy-breezy-cover-girl when you use the following 5 Principles.

5 Key Principles of Relationship Marketing

1. Focus on Your Target Audience

When you try to appeal to everyone, you’ll appeal to no one. So spend some time analyzing your current clients and determine who accounts for ⅓ or more of your sales. This is your target audience and focusing on meeting their needs is just plain good business sense. If you think of your biz as a casino, your target audience is its high rollers.

2. Consistent Engagement Builds Relationships

Once you’ve identified your Target Audience, it’s important to consistently engage with them.  It’s unlikely that your biz is the only one competing for their attention and their spending power.  They have dozens of choices when deciding what brands they support, so it’s VITAL that yours is always on the top of their mind.  Find new and exciting ways to engage with them as often as you can.

3. Keep Them Coming Back

Making a sale is NOT the end of your relationship marketing efforts. It’s just the beginning. The true beauty of relationship marketing lies in creating loyal, repeat clients.

Let them know they made the right decision by choosing to work with your biz.  Make sure your brand is constantly offering them support and guidance.  This can be done by following up on their purchases, offering tips and advice on how to get the most value from their new purchase, and ensuring your clients that you care about their satisfaction beyond the point of purchase.

4. Reward Loyalty

Loyalty is rare, that’s why it should be valued. Reward your loyal clients by providing them with more than expected. Gift cards, bonus items, loyalty programs, and AH-MAZING client service are all ways you can exceed the expectations of your loyal clients. There’s no better way to assure that your biz is on the top of your target audience’s mind than by delighting them with an unexpected surprise!

5. Welcome Feedback as the Gift It Is

Don’t shy away from feedback, even when it’s bad.  Actually, it would be more appropriate to say ESPECIALLY when it’s bad.  Negative feedback from your target audience is the perfect opportunity to open up a conversation with them and build a relationship. When a problem is handled correctly, it can turn a frown upside down, convert a 1-star review to 5 stars, and transform an angry client into a satisfied and loyal client. 

The opportunity to handle feedback well is such a gift that your company should regularly invite your clients to provide it. Consider forms, polls, and calls to show your clients that you are interested in and listening to what they have to say. 

Is All This Effort Really Worth It?

ABSOLUTELY! When you use these principles of relationship marketing, you will be rewarded by turning first-time clients into long-term, loyal fans of your biz. Finding new clients has a much higher price tag than earning and maintaining the loyalty of your existing ones.  Happy clients spread the word, and I’m sure you know the value of word-of-mouth marketing for your brand. Put these 5 principles of relationship marketing to work today, and you’ll find you have a thriving biz tomorrow.

What Organic Marketing Actually Means to the Success of Your Business

What Organic Marketing Actually Means to the Success of Your Business

What Organic Marketing Actually Means to the Success of Your Business

One of the most effective ways to market your brand or business is to do so organically.

Organic marketing is a great tool in a business’ toolbox because it is entirely free. It lets small businesses thrive in a climate generally ruled by giants. Not only that, but organic marketing tends to be more effective at building brand loyalty than paid ads. Most users spend more time and energy on something marketed to them organically than through paid advertising!

Whether you’re a start-up or seasoned biz, organic marketing provides the leads you need to continue growing and scaling. There are always new clients coming your way through organic marketing; all you need is the motivation and know-how to get it done!

Best Tips for Organically Marketing Your Business Successfully

It might seem daunting at first to plan and implement marketing your business organically. Even realizing the results from your marketing efforts can be difficult for entrepreneurs because let’s face it….marketing is probably not your zone of genius.

Here are 10 great examples to help ease you into organic marketing if you are DIYing it:

Marketing organically is not costly, and it’s relatively easy with some planning to streamline the process. Most importantly, organic marketing is incredibly effective for branding yourself, building your business, and banking more profits.

Now Is the Best Time to Market Organically

Some entrepreneurs may feel that they missed their opportunity to build their presence online, but it is never too late. Now is the best time to focus on organic marketing for your business, and there are a ton of ways you can make it happen.

One fantastic and free resource to help you take the next steps is to join our free Facebook Community. Now that you have some great starter tips, go out there and let the world know just how amazing you are!

Facebook Analytics Is Going Away, but We've Got You Covered

Facebook Analytics Is Going Away

Facebook Analytics Is Going Away, but We've Got You Covered

You might have heard by now that Facebook Analytics will be discontinued as of June 30th. Don’t panic! If you have a lot of data you still need to get, you’ll still have access to the reports, charts and tables, and insights.

You can also export data into a CSV file on your desktop. While Facebook still offers some great tools that can provide remarkable insights into your audience base along with the results of your advertisements, these tools are not a one-to-one replacement for Facebook Analytics.

Why would Facebook remove analytics so quickly?

Unfortunately, the Zuckerberg crew hasn’t been transparent about the reason behind such a decision. Some believe the recent change could be because new updates across all platforms are stricter now about providing users’ data. With new rules in place on Apple iOs and other devices across platforms, it is becoming harder to track the data that Facebook Analytics can provide.

Another potential reason for speculation is an attempt by Facebook to push their new business suite product and upgrades. One thing is certain, with the short notice that Facebook has given, marketers and business owners are scrambling to try to find replacement apps and tools.

What does Facebook's spontaneous decision mean for you?

While it can be difficult to adjust so quickly to such a significant change, there are still things you can do! Here are some excellent resources to help analyze your social media performance. You can keep tabs on your social media presence, how effective your advertising is, and your follower and engagement activities on both Facebook and Instagram.

The Secret Social Media Analytics Resource Revealed

Calling all entrepreneurs, business owners, and nonprofits. Before we shed light on this little-known analytics resource, we encourage you to explore and extract your Facebook and Instagram analytics directly from the source now…while you still can.

Drum roll, please…announcing the official rollout of a debut service we began last year during the height of COVID-19: Monthly Social Media Analytics Reporting and Analysis from your favorite social media marketing experts at Amp Up My Biz.

Long story short, we talk with so many business owners and entrepreneurs who feel lost in data, don’t know how their business is genuinely fairing on social media, or gave up trying to understand what all those numbers, charts, and insights mean for the health of their business across social networks. Yet, our clients who receive our Monthly Organic Social Media Management service also receive our strategic recommendations regularly as a part of their package. They get a detailed report that dives deep into their social media analytics along with a high-level overview from our Social Media Strategy Team that analyzes the deep dive giving explicit and strategic recommendations on the most critical key performance indicators (KPIs).

Why focus on social media KPIs? These are the tell-tale signs of your social media presence and performance from followers to engagement, audience breakdown, top-performing posts, and so much more! We analyze all the nitty-gritty bits for you and tell you exactly what’s working and frankly…what’s not. We’ll give you the exact insights you need to know to improve your social media marketing.

Now, you can have this same Monthly Social Media Analytics Reporting and Analysis at your fingertips to drive the direction of your social media efforts because it is all focused on continuous improvement and optimization to help you reach your business goals. This service is currently available across the following social platforms:

Monthly Social Media Analytics Reporting and Analysis is available with a 6-month contract at an investment of $247/month for up to 3 social media channels. Of course, we always take care of you, though! So from now through the end of May, we’re extending this service to you at ONLY $197/month for up to 3 social platforms on a 6-month contract.

Find out more about how to sign up now and ensure this special deal by getting in touch with us at We can’t wait to help you brand yourself, build your business, and bank more profits!


How to Maximize Your Time on Social Media for the Biggest ROI

1. Narrow down your social media focus

You don’t need to be on every platform every day.

Focus on 2-6 top platforms where your audience lives, breathes, and buys. Choose your platforms based on the demo/psychographics of your ICA. (Ideal Client/Customer Avatar)

2. Plan to curate your content – Create a content calendar

Planning ahead will help you be consistent.

Strategizing will help you post relevant and valuable content to your audience.

Be sure to batch your content creation to save yourself a ton of time!

3. Make the most of your time on social media, whether it’s a few hours a week or an hour a day

Check alerts for brand mentions and respond accordingly. Ideally have someone on your team spend just 10 – 15 minutes a day to make sure this is done.

Engage with your audience not only on your Pages and Groups, but other relevant Pages and Groups. Your ICA IS on social; be sure you’re connecting with them in a meaningful way.

Review analytics quarterly and make content/strategic adjustments if needed. What is measured can be improved. Our mantra for social is, “Test it, Track it, Tweak it.”

So…how many hours per day or per week do you need to spend to be successful on social media?
We’ve got a checklist to help! Get yours now.