Boost Your Business in 2023 with Effective LinkedIn Marketing

Boost Your Business in 2023 with Effective
LinkedIn Marketing

Ready for a more sophisticated and structured social media platform to help build your business? It might be time for you to become a LinkedIn Pro! As they plan for a successful 2023, many entrepreneurs are finding LinkedIn to be just the thing their marketing strategy is missing!   


As a social media platform built with the sole intent of bringing business owners together and creating strategic connections, LinkedIn is a wonderful place to market your services. Here are some Pro Tips for swinging the algorithm in your favor.

Data Driven LinkedIn Strategy

We LOVE our data here at Amp Up My Biz! So when this new algorithm report came in, boy oh boy, did we jump with excitement. There’s a TON of useful numbers and analytics in the report, but if you’re just embarking on your LinkedIn marketing journey, your posting and engagement strategy should be your # 1 priority. Here are our key takeaways from the report:

Posting Strategy

  • Use 3-5 hashtags when posting on LinkedIn
  • Utilize 7 slides when creating Document Posts
  • Keep the character count around 400
  • Occasionally post personal/behind-the-scenes content to encourage engagement
  • Add emojis to your posts
  • Tag other people and companies mentioned in your posts

Encourage Engagement

  • After posting your content, don’t hightail it off LinkedIn just yet. Spend some time on the platform commenting and reacting to posts as you scroll down your LinkedIn feed. Shoot for interacting with AT LEAST 3 posts that aren’t your own and spending some time on the platform.  (90-minutes is the official recommendation, if you have the time.)
  • Don’t forget to engage and interact with your followers on your Company page as well.  
  • Show LinkedIn’s new ‘Repost’ feature a little love. It’s similar to Twitter’s ‘Retweet’ function. 
  • Avoid posting content that results in unfollows, lost connections, and unlikes. These kinds of actions are seen by LinkedIn as negative engagement and will adversely affect your account reach.

Make the Most Out of LinkedIn Tools

LinkedIn has added some AH-MAZING new tools to make creating content on LinkedIn even easier.

Publishing Tools

LinkedIn has finally created a way to schedule posts inside the platform! This will cut down on the time it takes to schedule content by allowing business owners and job seekers alike to batch their posts without the expense of third-party apps like Hootsuite, Later, or HubSpot. 

This feature is now available on LinkedIn’s desktop and Android versions and will soon roll out for iOS users. We expect to see additional updates to the scheduling feature as LinkedIn intends to branch out with in-app scheduling for Groups and Company Pages as well!

Creator Mode

LinkedIn has recently introduced Creator Mode and allows users that regularly produce/create their own content to take advantage of some incredible features. Here are the various ways you can benefit from using Creator Mode:

  • Gain access to an incredibly detailed set of analytics so you can craft a more precise strategy for your content.
  • Your ‘Featured’ and ‘Activity’ sections will be prioritized and moved to the upper part of your profile to showcase your best content.
  • Unlock awesome tools such as LinkedIn Live and Newsletter.
  • Enjoy increased discoverability. Creator Profiles are favored by LinkedIn in the feed. 
  • Encourage your audience to ‘Follow’ instead of ‘Connect’. This is a subtle way to establish your brand as an original content creator bringing new information to your audience as well as business connections.

It’s important to note that Creator Mode is not for everyone. If you decide to activate it for your LinkedIn profile, you will need to be diligent and consistent with your original content. It needs to be strategically planned and well thought out. Top notch original content will educate, inspire, or entertain your target market.  

Want to take advantage of Creator Mode but content creation isn’t in your wheelhouse? We’d be happy to help! Just complete our getting to know you form:, and we’ll be in touch with more information.

Predictions for LinkedIn in 2023

Now with all of these changes it might seem that SURELY these new tools and features are the last to come. But we don’t think so. The online marketing landscape is constantly shifting, and we expect LinkedIn to continue to change and grow with it. Below are a few trends to look out for in 2023!  It would be wise to consider them when creating your content strategy.

Video Take-Over

LinkedIn does not lend itself to quick videos, reels, or funny giphys, so it may be tempting to exclude video content from your LinkedIn posting strategy. However, everywhere we look in the digital marketing world video IS Queen! 

We expect that this trend will continue and spill over to LinkedIn. That will make incorporating video content into your LinkedIn posting schedule a great way to stay in front of your competition in 2023. We recommend creating “square” formatted videos that are 20–60 seconds long for LinkedIn to start.

More Options for Audio Content

Podcasts have been steadily rising in popularity in the last few years. So much so, that even Twitter is jumping on the audio bandwagon with Twitter Spaces. We wouldn’t be at all surprised to see LinkedIn dive into this new trend as well.

Grow Your Connections

Convinced that LinkedIn is the missing puzzle piece of your social media marketing puzzle?!  

GREAT! Now, get out there and start connecting! Or reach out to us at for expert help.

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