Video Has Become Gold for Marketers

Video Has Become Gold for Marketers

Social Media has definitely become the easiest, fastest, and most effective way for marketers to reach clients and build awareness! But, let’s dig deeper…

Research shows that creating video content such as live streams, branding, webinar, and social posts can increase website traffic and sales. Videos are also proven to build brand awareness, loyalty, and brand recall because they can better explain your product or service more effectively than many other content types.

Why Incorporate Video Content into Your Social Media Marketing?

Social media platforms absolutely LOVE video content because people (aka your ideal clients) love to watch and engage with videos. This form of content is proven to expand and grow business. Here are just a few details about how video is being used right now in an effective social media plan from businesses surveyed: 

  • 58% began using videos for brand awareness. 
  • 52% use videos to explain their products and services.
  • 62% of marketers use videos to increase their sales and revenue.

Here’s an interesting little tidbit…videos overall are generally introduced into the marketing cycle towards the end of the funnel. We recommend using video throughout your social media, funnels and client journey.  What strategy are you employing with your video content?

Make Sure Your Offers Are Seen!

If we haven’t hit it home for you just yet, video content has risen to the top of the content chain. Although you might be used to seeing video on YouTube and Facebook, even on our “biz” platform friend LinkedIn, they’ve gained popularity among marketers and their use on the social channel rises each day.

More fun facts about video marketing:

  • About 78% of marketers that post brand videos on LinkedIn believe that it’s beneficial for their business.
  • 72% of businesses post their videos on Facebook.
  • 65% of those who share their videos on Instagram are seeing huge results with their business growth and sales.
  • YouTube has shown that 73% of marketers think that leveraging the power of videos on this social platform has grown their sales and revenue.

In years past, YouTube has been the most popular platform to share video content. But videos have expanded far beyond YouTube, and the popularity of video marketing continues to grow daily with businesses getting noticed much faster than before!

How can you make sure your offers are seen by your target market? Employ a video marketing initiative within your overall social media marketing strategy. Roughly 82% of businesses who post at least one to four videos a month notice astonishing results.

If your wheels are turning and you’re asking yourself right now:

  • What should my videos be about?
  • How long should my videos be?
  • How do I reach my ideal clients?
  • Where do I post my videos?

It’s not as overwhelming as you might think, especially once you have the guidance you need to rock your videos, and your video strategy. We’re here with all of the answers you need to leverage video content the right way.

We’ll help you strategize and implement exactly what you need that will resonate with your audience and help your business grow. Connect with us here,, with your video and/or social media marketing questions.

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