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Jobs to Jammies!: Get Out of Your J.O.B. & Be a Work-in-Your-PJs Entrepreneur

Jobs to Jammies will give you the knowledge, tools, techniques, and confidence to hop off the hamster wheel of unfulfilling jobs and embrace the life of your choosing.


I was blown away by how much Bridget genuinely cared about the success of each student she worked with in my program. And the results she got for our students were amazing! If you’re looking for someone who knows her stuff, especially when it comes to social media, and brings so much love and kindness to the process, Bridget is your coach.

Amy Porterfield

Creator of Digital Course Academy
Host of top-rated podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy
Bridget Brady is one of my most favorite people on the planet. Amp Up My Biz is one of the best investments I’ve made to support personal brand. They increased my social media engagement by over 3,000% in just a few months! My fans and followers grow consistently month after month. When we launched my new Facebook Fan page, we hit over 5,000 Likes in less than one month. Bridget is strategic, savvy, and I can feel her passion and commitment to helping me grow my business and brand in everything she does. If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, you need an experienced pro in your corner to manage your online presence. Don’t waste your time looking around for a Social Media Manager, just hire Bridget!

Larry Broughton

Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year”®
Best-Selling Author, and Former US Army Green Beret
Wow! I’m so happy with the incredible results I got from my Facebook ads. Both the likes and responses were really exceptional. Bridget Brady (AmpUpMyBiz.com) put together a beautiful ad, with excellent copy, and crafted a well-thought-out strategy based on my target audience. Our ads were seen by over 57,000 people and we got 493 responses in just 12 days!! She was very responsive from beginning to end, and executed my ad not only with excellence, but with great efficiency. I could tell she really cared about my business and the results we got. I am very happy with Bridget, her team, and the overall promotion she did for our company. I highly recommend that you utilize her services!

Balwan Singh

Ownher and Founder Yoga Talk Retreats and B Free Yoga
Bridget is a fantastic coach and her seminar on social media teaches practical ways to effectively create your brand and online presence. Thank you for a fun seminar! It was not only fun and engaging, but she uses the hottest tools on the Internet. Highly recommend her services.‬

Angela Casler

Executive Director Sustainability Management Association
I just love you! Wow! You are exceptional! Your class was awesome! I learned more from you in 90 minutes than everything I’ve done over the past year. I’ve worked with some interesting and high level coaches since 2011. You have such great, positive energy that just flows and is infectious. Tonight you made me feel more confident than I have in awhile. I feel truly blessed to have met you. Thank you so very much for your patience, your positive support and help. I really enjoyed your class. So very happy we met.

Carol Cueroni

Uptown Downtown Style

She operates from the heart, gives it her all! Bridget’s 3 part Social Media Mastery course is a delectable spread of knowledge. I specially like the little powerful strategies she infuses within the program — and her energy is infectious! With learning social media it gets to be somewhat dull you’d imagine — but Bridget made it fresh each time. It was a pleasure to be a student in her class. Learned lots!

Reggie Mares

Owner • Insurance Broker
Reggie Mares Int’l (RMI) for Disability Income, LTC

Bridget is an extraordinary person. Whenever you have trouble with a project that you are working on, she is always there to help. Excellent speaker and sales genius.

Steven Remus

Field Engineer
Lockheed Martin

Bridget is an awesome mentor! She is always so lively and full of energy. She genuinely wants to see people succeed and it shows in everything she does. If you ever have a question, she is happy to take the time out to make sure it’s answered. You can always tell she has a smile on her face (even over the phone) and is incredible to work with.

Alisha Kassam

Non-Profit Events Coordinator

Bridget Brady is a wonderful leader! She is so positive, always there to help your business succeed, and she has created a business strategy to follow. When Bridget is on your team, you are never alone in your business. She provides the tools and strategies to help you succeed. Bridget goes above and beyond being an excellent mentor! Thanks Bridget for all you do!

Kandi Kauffman

Business Owner

It was not Bridget telling me that her Internet business was good, it was her excitement and passion in wanting me to be financially secure, able to live a life of financial freedom. Bridget always has time for you when you call her. If I get half as good as her I will be happy.

Jesse Martin


Working with Bridget has been very informative, fun, and helpful. She is very passionate about her work and really believes in her product. She wants everyone to succeed and she won’t stop until this happens. It has been a pleasure to work with Bridget!

Andrea Scala

Physician’s Assistant
VA Hospital

Bridget is a bijou — jewel of a business woman! She is there for you and has the patience to help an army as she can repeat over and over again until you finally get it! She is creative and will find the way to get you to understand! She transfers naturally to you her dynamism and optimism so you forget to give up and keep going! It is obvious that she has the experience to lead you wherever you want to go in your business. I thank her so much for helping me in my business!!!

Nathalie Bouchard

Bridget has been a real pleasure to get to know over the phone!! She is always so upbeat, joyful and willing to help in any way (even a non-techie like me). She’s very patient and returns calls right away, even on Sundays! She will do everything she can to help you be successful in your business. Thanks Bridget!!

Jean Harper

Real Estate Professional

I can honestly say that Bridget is not only the consummate professional but is genuinely committed to everyone’s success. Her tireless efforts and giving of herself with her time, passion and enthusiasm is unparalleled and anyone should could consider themselves extremely fortunate to affiliate with her. I know I am!

Debbie Tucker

Real Estate Professional

I just completed Ms. Bridget Brady’s Social Media class and would like to personally “Thank” Ms. Bridget Brady for an outstanding class! Bridget is literally a “subject matter expert” in the field of Social Media. She has empowered me with her vast knowledge to utilize social media to promote my business. I started the class with minimal knowledge of social media, and at the end of the class, I felt confident to be able to utilize the tools and the strategies that she had taught, to establish myself out there in the cyber world. Bridget also provided us with Internet resources to tap into, to interface with our established social media sites. Her lessons are structured for anyone to grasp, basically a step-by-step process where you feel you can do this easily. I highly…and I mean highly recommend anyone to take her Social Media class. With Bridget’s awesome personality, she also makes the class fun and entertaining at the same time. So if you want to promote your business, this is the way to go. Thank you Ms. Bridget Brady!!!

MSgt John A. Guevara

Master Sargeant
U.S. Air Force