how to use social media to boost your SEO

Unleash the Power of Social SEO

The online space is extremely crowded.  There’s a TON of information, hundreds of thousands of brands, and new competition showing up every day! That’s why it’s SO important that your SEO game is on point.  When someone looks up “best law firm in SoCal” or “med spas near me”, you want to be sure your brand makes the results list and stands out in the crowd.

To make that happen, SEO (search engine optimization) MUST be a major part of your digital marketing toolkit

What Happened to IGTV?

What Happened To IGTV?

FLASHBACK! The year is 2013. The Instagram app lives on your phone, and you’re posting pics once every few days (mostly of what you’re eating for dinner) when all of the sudden—BAM! A tiny video icon appears! You didn’t know it was coming, and you never dreamed it would change social media the way it did.