Holiday Shopping – SOLVED

Let me guess… There are people you love, people you like, clients, bosses, co-workers, etc. AND… you’d like to buy a perfect Christmas/Holiday gifts for all of them! Right?? But alas… your budget for the Holidays this year just doesn’t seem to equal what it would cost to buy all those gifts! Right??!! Some of […]


Database Marketing – Size Does Matter

As we continue into the age of technology, I’m finding that size DOES matter!!! The size of your database that is!!! It is FAR easier to sell to your current database then find new clients to market to. If someone likes your “stuff”, then they like your stuff, so it stands to reason they’d want […]


Contact Management

Here are some specific suggestions for Contact Management so you can start your new Database Marketing right!!! If you want to start for free you can use your email program. (Eg. Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) HOWEVER… and you’ll notice this is a BIG however… ultimately this will NOT serve you for contact management and database marketing. […]