Social Media Mastery: 3-Week Home Study Course


From soup to nuts, 0 — 60 in just 3 weeks! Learn the strategies you need to build your business, your influence, and your bank account utilizing Social Media.

Week 1: The Basics (Get set up for success)
Week 2: Specific Strategies (Platform specific strategies)
Week 3: Putting it All Together (Making it all work, AND Off-Line strategies to help build your online business.

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The ABCs of Making Money Online—3-Week Course


Internet Income = 24/7 Income!

You will learn…

Affiliate Marketing: Learn how to monetize your existing Website, or start a new Website to create online income. You’ll even learn how to make the process work for you while you sleep.

Lead Generation Pages and Social Media Marketing Basics: Learn about the value of opt-in pages, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and MORE! A must for building your prospect list for your business.

Create your own recipe for success: Change it up and go offline too! Learn how to become a networking master! Boost your online sales with simple ways to connect offline.

If you want to make money online, you can’t afford to miss this class.

Imagine being able to TRULY work from HOME! I will share ways to structure your life and your online business so that you can literally work from home in your PJs!

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Powerful Presentations & Effective Speaking Techniques

(Online Course)

Nearly every job or business has an element of speaking, presentations, or sales. This course will allow you to master all three and accelerate your success in every aspect of your career. Learn everything from voice and speech basics like proper breathing, diction and enunciation, all the way to specific presentation templates and techniques that will allow you to deliver your presentations with ease and confidence.

From the board-room, to the class-room, to speaking for thousands of people, there are several critical factors that every speaker must master. You will learn how to effectively deliver a presentation to one person across the table, in front of a small group in a boardroom, from stage for a large audience, and host tele-seminars or webinars online. If you’re ready to improve your VOICE, increase your SALES, and master your PRESENTATIONS (and would like to learn online)…This is the course for YOU!