7 Tips for Blogging Success


Let’s talk about blog­ging. We all know it’s impor­tant to stay in touch with your peeps, but it can be intim­i­dat­ing to get start­ed.

Find­ing the right top­ic for your blog is prob­a­bly the biggest hur­dle to get­ting start­ed. If you sit down to write and sud­den­ly get writer’s block, I’d sug­gest start­ing a list of blog post ideas, so when you are ready to write, you have a list of ideas at your fin­ger­tips. Your per­son­al expe­ri­ence is a great place to start. Shar­ing your sto­ry is like­ly to attract the right audi­ence.


Stay con­sis­tent with your brand when writ­ing your posts. Use the same tone of voice as the rest of your blogs. Whether you are known for being fun­ny or known for not sug­ar­coat­ing the truth, stay true to your style.


Whether you use stock pho­tos or cre­ate your own graph­ics, make sure you at least have a head­er image that can be shared on social media.

Topic and SEO

Once you know your top­ic, it’s time to focus on SEO, the most dread­ed thing for every blogger…I’m just kid­ding, there are peo­ple who absolute­ly love SEO, my col­leagues includ­ed. Opti­miz­ing for search engines is of course a big part of your blog strat­e­gy. If you want to rank on Google, key­word research is manda­to­ry. You want all of your blog posts to be key­word rich with the spe­cif­ic key­words and key­word phras­es that your audi­ence is search­ing for. Opti­miz­ing after you have writ­ten your post can be done, but it is some­times quite tedious. And wouldn’t you rather focus on a new post any­way than opti­miz­ing an old one? A cou­ple of easy-to-use resources are the Google Key­word Plan­ner (Ads.Google.com) and UberSuggest.com. If you need help with your key­word research, we are just a click away!

Before publishing

It’s impor­tant to check your meta descrip­tion, your social descrip­tions and of course the dis­tri­b­u­tion of your key­words and the read­abil­i­ty analy­sis. Don’t for­get to add prop­er inter­nal and exter­nal links before pub­lish­ing your post.

After publishing

If you want vis­i­tors to read your blog, you need to make some noise and post it to your social media chan­nels! There are plu­g­ins that push your blog posts to social media as soon as you hit pub­lish. That said, we rec­om­mend organ­i­cal­ly post­ing your blog to all of your social plat­forms. Let your fol­low­ers know that you have pub­lished anoth­er great blog.

Internal linking to this post from other posts

Inter­nal links are links that are in your text and they tell Google all about con­text. It’s impor­tant to link to and from your blog post. While writ­ing your post, you can link to oth­er posts you’ve writ­ten already, but you can not link to your new­ly cre­at­ed blog. (Your vis­i­tors would end up on a 404 and Google doesn’t like 404s!) After pub­lish­ing, make sure you check which blog posts could do well with a link to your new post and add them imme­di­ate­ly. Trust me, you will thank me lat­er when you don’t have to go through all your orphaned con­tent and spend hours upon hours find­ing con­text and rel­e­vant posts!

Analyzing post performance

After a month, you can start to ana­lyze your post’s per­for­mance. This is some­thing you need to do every three months. More often or less often if desired. You should check in Google Search Con­sole how peo­ple found your blog post, if you rank for the key­words you wish to rank for, and if you pos­si­bly should cre­ate more posts sur­round­ing the sub­ject or make the blog post even more in-depth.

Revisit your cornerstone content

Every 6 months, you should revis­it your cor­ner­stone con­tent and check if it’s still up to date. Your cor­ner­stone con­tent con­tains length­i­er arti­cles that give a lot of infor­ma­tion. This is also known as ever­green con­tent.  Be sure to use my 75/25 rule for all of your social media posts!

Happy blogging!!

» Secretly wish you didn’t have to do any of this??

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