A Little Birdy Just Told Me…


A lit­tle birdy just told me we’re gonna’ get more out of 140 char­ac­ters!

In the com­ing months Twit­ter is mak­ing changes to sim­pli­fy Tweets includ­ing what counts toward your 140 char­ac­ters! For instance, @names in replies and media attach­ments (like pho­tos, GIFs, videos, and polls) will no longer “use up” valu­able char­ac­ters.   You’ll now also be able to Retweet and Quote Tweet your­self. These updates will be avail­able over the com­ing months. If you want to get more of the scoop, just go talk to that same lit­tle bird…I call her “Twit­ter”.

Check back here for more updates in the com­ing months!

If you have more info on this, or oth­er Twit­ter updates, PLEASE be sure to add a com­ment below!