How Long Does Social Media Marketing Take?


AKA:  Allow­ing Your Social Media to Grow

One of the ques­tions (or con­cerns) that I some­times get from my clients is, “How long will this take?”  Like most peo­ple, when I want some­thing, I pret­ty much want it NOW.  The real­i­ty is, social media takes time to grow and reach it’s full effi­ca­cy.  It just does.  We ALL wish it would hap­pen light­en­ing fast, and in a mat­ter of weeks we’d have thou­sands of new fol­low­ers and hun­dreds of new sales.

The GREAT news is that it DOES work.  It’s been proven again and again that a huge piece of today’s mar­ket­ing IS social media mar­ket­ing.  The pri­ma­ry ben­e­fits are:  Increased expo­sure, increased traf­fic, mar­ket­place insight, lead gen­er­a­tion, devel­op­ing loy­al fans, improved search rank­ings (SEO), busi­ness part­ner­ship growth, reduced mar­ket­ing expens­es and increased sales.

Social Media Benefits

I found an inter­est­ing quote by Tom Mar­tin after inter­view­ing sev­er­al top social media experts: “So, how long do the lead­ing dig­i­tal thought lead­ers think it should take before your new social effort begins to show results?  Drum­roll please……. well, on aver­age… about six months.”

I per­son­al­ly have found this to be true.  Most peo­ple start to see results in about 6 months, and start to meet their larg­er goals in 12 — 24 months.  So, this is my “please remem­ber to be patient” love note for you.


But wait…Isn’t there a way to speed this up??  

Pour some gaso­line on this baby??


No…and YES!!!  There is noth­ing as proven as time to let things grow.  But there is also noth­ing like well-craft­ed social media ads to light a fire under it!  Social media ads can be run on almost any plat­form, for almost any bud­get. In addi­tion to offi­cial ads, there are also less expen­sive “post boosts” on Face­book.

2.  Mea­sure­ment, analy­sis and improve­ment.  I also rec­om­mend con­sis­tent­ly look­ing at all your KPI’s (key per­for­mance indi­ca­tors) to see what you can do to get bet­ter results.  Look at the opti­mal days for your posts, the opti­mal times of day to post, which of your posts get the most engage­ment, etc.

3.  Con­sis­ten­cy.  Part of this social media game is just PLAYING.  Well-craft­ed, key­word-rich posts, put out across mul­ti­ple plat­forms every week DO get results. When you’re con­sis­tent with your social media and using best-prac­tices, suc­cess is inevitable.


~ Brid­get Brady, Small Biz Ampli­fi­er