What do you do when you lose your job??


What do you do when you lose your job??!!

I have per­son­al­ly lost my job…twice. No notice, no sev­er­ance, no noth­ing, just gone.

If you have recent­ly lost your job, what in the world are you sup­posed to do??!!

Here’s my caveat…If you have 6 — 12 months of month­ly expens­es saved up, just ready to cush­ion your fall, first off, GREAT JOB!! Sec­ond off…you prob­a­bly don’t need this arti­cle, cuz’ you already know what side of the street the sun shines. 😉

How­ev­er, if you’re like MOST of us, you prob­a­bly don’t have 6 — 12 months of month­ly expens­es saved up. So for you, I have some ideas that will help!

1. BREATHE! Yes, seri­ous­ly breathe. More oxy­gen in your lungs means you will stay calmer and have more oxy­gen in your brain to help you solve this.

2. Don’t pan­ic. Ok…panic a lit­tle bit, just enough so that you take it seri­ous­ly, then go back to instruc­tion #1 and breathe. I per­son­al­ly believe that every­thing hap­pens for a rea­son, and that rea­son is there to SERVE you. This is easy to believe when every­thing is rain­bows and but­ter­flies. Hard­er to accept when you just lost the way you pay your rent. But try it on any­way, it will help.

3. SIMPLIFY!!! Take a good, hard look at your spend­ing and get rid of any­thing (and I mean ANYTHING) that you don’t need! Star­bucks, take-out food, expen­sive wine, going out, mani-pedis, golf, movies, CABLE TV (yup, I said it.) You can still watch your favorite shows on Hulu, and that’s FREE