Staying Up Too Late?? Hard Time Going to Bed ALONE??


No snug­gles, no warm body, no oth­er pos­si­ble bed-time activ­i­ties, no…nothing. C’mon sin­gle friends (and ESPECIALLY sin­gle entre­pre­neurs) you know this drill. When there is no one to go to bed with, and you don’t have a J.O.B., so you don’t nec­es­sar­i­ly have to get up at a par­tic­u­lar time, some­times it’s hard to get our­selves to actu­al­ly go to bed. Sure we’re tired, but with noth­ing urgent (or com­fort­ing) draw­ing our bod­ies to slip into our sheets, some­times it seems eas­i­er to stay up too late…way too late. There are more emails to check, there are TV shows to watch, videos to edit, blogs to write, snacks to eat, glass­es of wine to drink…and end-of-the-day solace to be enjoyed. You worked all day, went to the gym, made your sales calls, wrote your blog, ran your errands, and man­aged your com­pa­ny. Now it’s late, there’s no one around, and it’s almost like find­ing anoth­er day in your day. A time that’s just for you. It’s too late for the phone to ring, it’s far too late to make out­go­ing busi­ness calls, and you find your­self drawn to do just a few more things before bed. This could be emails, and work relat­ed “stuff”, this could be your TV, what­ev­er it is, it’s keep­ing you up TOO LATE.

Don’t lec­ture ME”, right?? You know that with a great night’s sleep you get up ear­li­er, have the ener­gy to get to the gym, and have more focused ener­gy for your busi­ness and your life all day. And although you know this…the mere