Life: A Balancing Act


Work, fam­i­ly, friends, busi­ness, fun, romance, our dai­ly tasks, self care, etc. How does this all get tak­en care of? How does it all get bal­anced? Truth?? I have almost no idea. I do how­ev­er have some thoughts to share, that you might real­ly like.

I’m writ­ing this on the plane from Den­ver to Los Ange­les, the flight I typ­i­cal­ly take 3 – 4 times a year to vis­it my fam­i­ly in Col­orado. Birth­days, wed­dings, hol­i­days, I do my best to make as many as pos­si­ble. And although I LOVE see­ing my fam­i­ly, and tru­ly wish I saw them more often, in order to fly out to Col­orado sev­er­al times a year, I “leave behind” my busi­ness, my shows, record­ing my album, my friends, and my usu­al self-care rou­tine. I believe it’s worth it. There is noth­ing more impor­tant to me than my fam­i­ly, but it most def­i­nite­ly brings into ques­tion my bal­ance.

Whether you spend a lot of time trav­el­ing, or you are at home, pur­su­ing your dream, work­ing on your busi­ness, or even work­ing your job, how do all of your pri­or­i­ties get fit into our mod­ern-day busy lives? Let’s start with some “easy” ones, and work our way through some pos­si­bil­i­ties.

Friends. What I’ve found most use­ful with most things in life, but cer­tain­ly with my friend­ships, is to be ful­ly present with them when I’m with them, and keep in touch periph­er­al­ly through text, phone, or even social media when I can’t see them in per­son. Here’s what I mean, when I’m at din­ner, or cof­fee, or at a friend’s house, I am NOT on my cell phone, or social media. I am WITH my friends. Ful­ly engaged, soak­ing up and giv­ing back all the con­nec­tion, con­ver­sa­tion and love that I can muster in those moments. This way, our time togeth­er is high-qual­i­ty time, and even if I only get to see my friends once a week, once a month…or even once a year, our time togeth­er is ful­fill­ing.

Self-Care. When you have a busy life, or are trav­el­ling, it seems that the first thing for a lot of peo­ple to let go of is our self-care. This is a TOUGH one. I get it. This is often the first thing I let go of too. It’s some­times eas­i­er to keep our com­mit­ments to our jobs, busi­ness­es, fam­i­ly and friends, than to our­selves. I urge you (and me) to do your best to find a self-care rou­tine that is DO-ABLE in MOST sce­nar­ios. Fig­