Holiday Shopping – SOLVED

Let me guess… There are people you love, people you like, clients, bosses, co-workers, etc. AND… you’d like to buy a perfect Christmas/Holiday gifts for all of them! Right??

But alas… your budget for the Holidays this year just doesn’t seem to equal what it would cost to buy all those gifts! Right??!! Some of you have NO budget… Right?! So what do you do??!! I’m here to help.

You likely know that I’m a big believer in creating your own economy, and that there is a HUGE difference between YOUR economy and THE economy. That said, I think we can all agree that there has been an economic down turn. Whether it’s affected you personally, or not, I feel confident that you know someone who’s been affected by what’s going on in our economy at this time.

Regardless if you have personally been affected by the economy or not, here are my simple solutions for Christmas and Holiday spending this year. They are working for me, and they will work for everyone who is committed to not overspending this year. (Yes friends, these techniques will work for Hanukah and New Years too!)

Your friends and family love you for YOU not for the gifts you give them.

I am a famous over-spender at Christmas time. No matter what my budget is, I usually spend twice that! (And my budget is usually several thousand dollars… and yet I seem to go over anyway! ARG!!)

This year will be different. My family and I have decided that our money is better spent on other things this year, instead of extravagant gifts. So we are doing token gifts, or JUST CARDS!!! THAT’S IT! (Seriously.)

For my friends (as a general rule)… I’m doing “nothing”. That’s right, I said nothing. Perhaps a card here or there. Perhaps a token gift. Maybe I’ll meet them for a coffee. But I refuse to do the old Christmas hustle this year and spend money that is better used in other areas of my life right now. So they get my love, my friendship, and if we can coordinate our schedules, my time. (Our most valuable asset, by the way.)

Other ideas that are super cost effective: Poems, Love Notes, Coupons for stuff from you (Eg. massages, clean their kitchen, take them to a movie, help them with their filing, help them organize their closet, etc.) There are an unlimited amount of things you can give a “coupon” for that people will absolutely love! (And appreciate more than that ugly $10 watch you saw. You know, the one with all the rhinestones.)

Some of my best gifts, given and received, have been home-made; or the gift of someone’s time to help me get something done that I needed.

The fact of the matter is, my family and my friends will love me if I give them presents this year or not. And if they don’t… they didn’t really love me in the first place.

That’s it… those are my secrets… now they are your secrets too.

Have an amazing Holiday Season! And remember that you are worth more than your money, or your gifts. Stay within your budget, and give people the gift of your love and yourself.


Wishing you Love, Light and Great Abundance this Holiday Season!

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