Holiday Shopping — SOLVED


Let me guess… There are peo­ple you love, peo­ple you like, clients, boss­es, co-work­ers, etc. AND… you’d like to buy a per­fect Christmas/Holiday gifts for all of them! Right??

But alas… your bud­get for the Hol­i­days this year just doesn’t seem to equal what it would cost to buy all those gifts! Right??!! Some of you have NO bud­get… Right?! So what do you do??!! I’m here to help.

You like­ly know that I’m a big believ­er in cre­at­ing your own econ­o­my, and that there is a HUGE dif­fer­ence between YOUR econ­o­my and THE econ­o­my. That said, I think we can all agree that there has been an eco­nom­ic down turn. Whether it’s affect­ed you per­son­al­ly, or not, I feel con­fi­dent that you know some­one who’s been affect­ed by what’s going on in our econ­o­my at this time.

Regard­less if you have per­son­al­ly been affect­ed by the econ­o­my or not, here are my sim­ple solu­tions for Christ­mas and Hol­i­day spend­ing this year. They are work­ing for me, and they will work for every­one who is com­mit­ted to not over­spend­ing this year. (Yes friends, these tech­niques will work for Hanukah and New Years too!)

Your friends and fam­i­ly love you for YOU not for the gifts you give them.

I am a famous over-spender at Christ­mas time. No mat­ter what my bud­get is, I usu­al­ly spend twice that! (And my bud­get is usu­al­ly sev­er­al thou­sand dol­lars… and yet I seem to go over any­way! ARG!!)

This year will be dif­fer­ent. My fam­i­ly and I have decid­ed that our mon­ey is bet­ter spent on oth­er things this year, instead of extrav­a­gant gifts. So we are doing token gifts, or JUST CARDS!!! THAT’S IT! (Seri­ous­ly.)

For my friends (as a gen­er­al rule)… I’m doing “noth­ing”. That’s right, I said noth­ing. Per­haps a card here or there. Per­haps a token gift. Maybe I’ll meet them for a cof­fee. But I refuse to do the old Christ­mas hus­tle this year and spend mon­ey that is bet­ter used in oth­er areas of my life right now. So they get my love, my friend­ship, and if we can coor­di­nate our sched­ules, my time. (Our most valu­able asset, by the way.)

Oth­er ideas that are super cost effec­tive: Poems, Love Notes, Coupons for stuff from you (Eg. mas­sages, clean their kitchen, take them to a movie, help them with their fil­ing, help them orga­nize their clos­et, etc.) There are an unlim­it­ed amount of things you can give a “coupon” for that peo­ple will absolute­ly love! (And appre­ci­ate more than that ugly $10 watch you saw. You know, the one with all the rhine­stones.)

Some of my best gifts, giv­en and received, have been home-made; or the gift of someone’s time to help me get some­thing done that I need­ed.

The fact of the mat­ter is, my fam­i­ly and my friends will love me if I give them presents this year or not. And if they don’t… they didn’t real­ly love me in the first place.

That’s it… those are my secrets… now they are your secrets too.

Have an amaz­ing Hol­i­day Sea­son! And remem­ber that you are worth more than your mon­ey, or your gifts. Stay with­in your bud­get, and give peo­ple the gift of your love and your­self.


Wish­ing you Love, Light and Great Abun­dance this Hol­i­day Sea­son!