Database Marketing – Size Does Matter

As we continue into the age of technology, I’m finding that size DOES matter!!! The size of your database that is!!!

It is FAR easier to sell to your current database then find new clients to market to. If someone likes your “stuff”, then they like your stuff, so it stands to reason they’d want more of it.  So…. build your database!! It doesn’t matter if you don’t even have a database! Start TODAY. Put one together and start loading it up with contacts. Then offer VALUE to those contacts on a regular basis, this will keep them coming back and buying from YOU!  There are a number of contact management databases, and email marketing databases to choose from.  I personally use iContact for my email marketing.  (There are LOTS of great other choices too, that’s just the one I currently use.)

If you’re just starting out, set some bench marks:  1,000 contacts, 3,000 contacts.  Ultimately you want to grow your list to at least 10,000 contacts (and MORE) to start getting some serious traction in your email marketing!  Slow and steady wins the race.  Give people an opt-in on your website, give people an opportunity to opt-in from blog posts and social media posts, and add people who’ve let you know they are interested in receiving your information.

Then…Be sure not to SPAM them!!  There’s a lot of conflicting information on this one, but I say no more than one email per week, no less than one email per month.

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Keep it “simple” just START!  That’s all for now…. go forth, build your database, and prosper!

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