Contact Management

Here are some specific suggestions for Contact Management so you can start your new Database Marketing right!!!

If you want to start for free you can use your email program. (Eg. Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) HOWEVER… and you’ll notice this is a BIG however… ultimately this will NOT serve you for contact management and database marketing. You can only send emails to approx. 100 contacts at a time. That will not work for long. (Ultimately you want your DB to be at least 10,000 contacts!!! That would never work in a typical personal email program.)

The Email Program I use is IContact. This allows me to send emails and newsletters to nearly unlimited contacts with the push of a button! I can segment my lists, send auto-responders, surveys, etc. (The truth is, I don’t know if they are the best. From what I hear, all of these email programs have their issues)… but IContact works great for me!!

The other contact management program I recommend is ACT! This is contact management software that you can buy from almost any store that sells software. Here you can track contacts, do reports, print lablels, and set up to-do’s for each contact or group. However… this is NOT a great program for emails. This is more for contact management and direct mailings… but I love this too.

You could also utilize a high-end program like InfusionSoft.  However, these types of programs can be quite pricey and harder to manage.  If you’re just getting started, this might not be your best choice.

The important thing is to start now, start today and build that database!!

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